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To use up some of your spare pixels, we are pleased to offer for sale sets of three blank keyrings and chains on our
'Others Supplies' page here.


Due to the popularity of our 'Special Easter Offer' we have decided to make this a permanent option.
You will now be able to use your spare pixel squares for all of our stock kits in addition to custom/bespokes for sizes 9-base and above.

So, send in a list of your full (or equivalent) pixel squares when ordering and Valerie will take off any pixel squares you have
that are in the kit
to give you a savings on the price.

You can phone us on 07505 037094, email us at or message us on


We are very pleased to announce a new very exciting service to offer you - the purchase of our larger kits in stages.

The price of our larger kits is often a barrier for you to purchase and budget for in one payment.
We are therefore offering to divide the kits into a number of smaller packs to enable you to purchase them in stages.
The total price paid for all packs will be the same as the original kit price
. There could obviously be extra postage costs,
but this is far outweighed by the convenience of stage payments for a kit that you would not normally be able to purchase.

There would also be no time limit to purchase the packs, this can be done at your convenience.

We have already had a great deal of interest in this service. It you would more details or a quote for a particular kit,
please contact us by phone (07505 037094), via email (
or via Facebook message at

We can now provide any size aluminium frame from 4-base up to and including 49-base.
They are not spring-loaded as our existing 4, 6, 9 and 16-base frames are but otherwise are identical.

Foam Board will not be required for mounting, you will just need some PVA glue to attach your design to the backing board.

If you have a particular size in mind, please get in touch and we will let you know the price.
They are not stock items but can be available within a few days.

We are pleased to say that, as always, we are able to post any of our kits within 1-2 days of ordering to anywhere in the world. Free dove tail clips are also included for any order received via phone or email. This also applies our ever-popular bespoke service.

To see all of our methods of ordering please click here.

Come and visit our shop at Clevedon Craft Centre and see our vast display of finished kits. We have a large selection of kits in stock, and can provide any in our range - we just need a day's notice. We look forward to seeing you.

Click here for more details.

On-line orders welcome at any time.

MosaiCraft is :-

  A unique craft which is a cross between mini-mosaic and paint by numbers
  Relaxing and great fun for all the family (even Dad !!)

  Suitable for all ages from 6 to 99

  Enjoyable for experienced and new crafters alike

  A natural progression for children after Hama Beads
  Needs no water or ironing and stays securely in place
  Not a replacement for Cross Stitch - just something different to try

It consists of small colourful plastic pixels, which make up stunning designs by being placed on a clear base board, with the use of tweezers and easy-to-follow design sheets.

For instructions of how it works click here.

For more information contact our friendly sales team at or phone 07505 037094

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We are able to prepare and despatch kits of any design located at
within 24 hours.
Just email or ring through their pattern number for a quote.

Do you have spare pixel squares and don't know what to do with them? Visit our 'Bespoke Kits' page for a possible solution by clicking here.

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MosaiCraft is brought to you by
'A Little Something More'.

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