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Everything you need is included in the kit with the exception of tweezers. Blunt-ended are best to avoid scratching or damaging the tiles (these can be found on our Other Supplies page). After placing the pixels onto the baseplate with the tweezers, push them down with your finger.

A magnetic board and strips are excellent for keeping the baseplate in place when working.

1) Find an embossed arrow on the smooth side of the baseboard. Ensure this is facing the same way on every design so you know which way up it goes (if you drop it)!!

2) Place the baseplate onto the top rectangle on the first page of the design sheets.

3) Find the first symbol alongside the rectangle (a black square) and note the pixel colour number represented.

4) Locate this number on the coloured pixel squares. It is located on the reverse inside a circle.

5) Cover all of the black squares on the rectangle with this colour. Repeat this step for all of the four symbols displayed.

6) When all the symbols are covered, move onto the second rectangle and complete as above using the new colours as displayed.

7) Work through the other pages of the design in the same way. For multi-baseplate kits, once baseplate 1 is covered, complete other baseplates similarly.

8) Once completed, the finish of your masterpiece will be enhanced by tapping the pixels down evenly with a non-scratch implement. We suggest a small rounded wooden pestle or rolling pin and a rubber mallet.

9) For a multi-base kit, we recommend mounting your finished design on to self-adhesive foam board.

10) The baseplates now come with recesses in the reverse which allow small dove tail clips to be inserted to bring the baseplates tightly together after completing the design. This simplifies the preparation of the picture prior to placing on foam board and/or framing. The dove tail clips can be purchased here (see our Other Supplies page).

If you have any problems or for assistance please contact us at

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